Superior Mintaro Slate

Mintaro Slate is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock.

Its uniqueness is its exceptional flatness and straightness in its hand split form, only highlighted by minor "feathering" type marks distinguish it as being direct from Mother Nature.

A very durable strong natural stone, blue/grey in colour, consistent over time.

"An earthy appearance, almost velvet feel, soft in colour, a quiet elegance" are expressions by those choosing it in their design.

Traditional - Timeless

Mintaro Slate is used in many of Australia's most distinguished, contemporary and historic buildings. Its appeal comes from the harmony exhibited with other materials.

As early as 1861 and again in 1924 Mintaro was described as superior to any slate previously known. It quickly became recognised as an established and trouble-free construction material for steps, verandah edging and paving. Applications widened to include institutes, halls, post offices, churches, banks and cathedrals, spreading Australia wide. The quality remains the same to this day.

The term standard size is used little at Mintaro; the recovery of large slabs allows us to provide custom sawn sizes to meet your needs.

The stone is quarried and processed in the Mid North of South Australia. Mintaro township and the quarry have been acknowledged with a state heritage listing. It is believed to be the oldest continuous operated quarry in South Australia, possible Australia.

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